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Increasing Your Sales Opportunities
Broadening Your Sales

"An outstanding job done by  Lenore and Vista Marketing on our behalf.  We were represented in a very professional manner and the results were excellent."

- Wilson Vickers
 Leavitt Group of Atlanta
Exclusive Qualified Leads Direct To You

Vista Marketing Resources, L.L.C., a lead generation direct marketing company, provides exclusive qualified commercial and group health insurance leads for insurance agents and brokers that are pro actively contacted.

From sole proprietors, small to mid size agencies, start ups to successful long term businesses, we can develop a marketing campaign that works for you!

Since 1998 we have helped agencies increase their sales and revenues with our business to business insurance marketing campaigns.  We have helped producers with a comprehensive prospecting system that provides qualified leads and appointments from prospects who are ready to be quoted.

Our cost-effective, time saving marketing system has proven time and time again to be a successful force for generating sales opportunities for many insurance professionals.  Our leads have developed many prosperous sales pipelines on a national level.

Our services include:
• Appointment Scheduling
• Lead Generation
• List Procurement Assistance
• X-Date Retrieval
• Name Recognition Emails
• Information Verification
• Database Design
• Database Administration

 Business to Business Insurance Lead Generation

V   I   S   T   A

A sincere thank you to all our clients throughout these 20 + years for their friendship and patronage.  I have had the opportunity of working with many wonderful clients for many years and how can I be anything but grateful for that experience. 

Vista Marketing Resources, L.L.C. has closed for now, and I am enjoying many other pursuits at this time, but I want to thank each and every person who worked for me, who was a vendor, and of course again, those who were clients.
Wishing you all the very best in the years ahead.